15 common sayings that make zero sense in the horse world

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15 common sayings that make zero sense in the horse world

There are dozens of common sayings that people use frequently, many of which even mention horses. However, some of these sayings are not suitable for use in the horse world. If you use one of these sayings when chatting with an equestrian you will confuse of maybe even offend them. So remember to keep these sayings out of the barn…

Saying:Straight from the horse’s mouth.
Equestrian’s reaction: Last I checked, horses don’t talk. Are you all right?



Saying: “Healthy as a horse”
Equestrian’s reaction: Are you nuts? Have you seen my vet bills?



Saying: “Too big for your breeches.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Thanks for calling me fat, asshole…


Saying: “Dark horse.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Are you talking about a dark bay or an actual black horse?


Saying: “Get off of your high horse.”
Equestrian’s reaction: I will dismount when I finish my ride and this horse isn’t even that tall…

Saying: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Well how else I am supposed to make sure that its teeth are okay?


Saying: “I need to pee like a racehorse.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Um okay… Most horses take forever to pee, especially if they are getting drug tested at a competition.


Saying: “Hold your horses!”
Equestrian’s reaction: It is really only safe to lead one horse at a time.


Saying: “Break a leg.”
Equestrian’s reaction: I’m trying to go a whole year without breaking anything…


Saying: “If two ride on a horse, one must ride behind.”
Equestrian’s reaction: I haven’t ridden double since I was like ten.


Saying: “That is a horse of a different colour.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Can you elaborate? Was it a pinto, palomino, dun…


Saying: “Get back on the horse that bucked you.”
Equestrian’s reaction: No shit. Who doesn’t get back on after their horse bucks them off?!


Saying: “Beating a dead horse.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Are you mentally disturbed?


Saying: “Back the wrong horse.”
Equestrian’s reaction: It would be pretty hard to get so confused that you break the wrong horse.


Saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”
Equestrian’s reaction: Yea and more importantly, you cannot make some horses jump fences into water…

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