Tuesday’s Top 10 – Classic excuses for NEVER competing at a CCI5*-L


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Classic excuses for NEVER competing at a CCI5*-L

10. I made the safe choice and went to University.

9. My horse never liked flying changes and I did not want to put any pressure on him.

8. I could never find a good enough coach.

7.  My parents were too poor.

6. The FEI made the qualifications too hard.



5. Every year I tried, my horse went lame.

4. I caught baby fever.

3. My horses were always so good that once they were at the three-star level, someone would buy them for an outrageous amount of money.

2.  I could never get past the one-star level.

1. Why bother, Michael Jung will win anyways.


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