Six super impressive things about being an equestrian that you should brag about



Six super impressive things about being an equestrian that you should brag about

Eventing is an adrenaline rush for riders and fans. To grow the sport we all have a responsibility to spread the word about what a blast it is to attend a competition. The fact that the entire gamut of Eventing athletes from beginner to Olympian can be seen at almost any show makes it particularly impressive.

If people outside the sport are aware of this dynamic and how easy it is to attend a show, they may be more likely to support it as either a spectator, owner, rider, sponsor, etc.

People outside of the horse world do not have a clue what Eventing is. This can make it hard to explain your Eventing milestones to non-horsey people. However, it does not have to be a complicated explanation. By focusing on some key selling points, you can easily impress someone who does not know the difference between a cow and a horse with your Eventing accomplishments.

You do not have to embellish; your riding is plenty impressive enough to impress. Here are some facts about your Eventing career that can excite even the least horsey-person:

1. Males and females compete against one another as equals even at the Olympic level. This fact is more impressive if you are a girl…

2. I beat ____, an Olympian, at my event this weekend. Okay fine, “so and so” was riding a naughty 5-year-old and you were on your seasoned campaigner, but you still beat them in the Open Novice division. Regardless, it is cool that all riders have the opportunity to compete against the best in the world at horse trials and sometimes the amateur wins.

3. I compete at an international or national or provincial/state level. If you compete at an FEI event, then you compete internationally. If you compete at your national championships, then you are competing nationally. If you compete at your provincial or area championships, then you are competing at a provincial/state level. Competing at this level is a BIG accomplishment. Look at how many hockey, football, baseball, etc. players never make it out of their high school league.

4. I train with ____. Has your trainer competed at the Olympics? What are their biggest accomplishments? Name-drop a little. It’s okay to tell your non-horsey friends about your impressive coach. We all know if they had a kid who played a traditional sport and was training with a big name coach that they would be telling you all about them.

5. I took a clinic with ___. Eventing is a not a huge sport, but this allows you to ride with the crème de la crème. Riding in a clinic with Mark Todd, David O’Connor, Clayton Fredericks, Lucinda Green, etc. is a HUGE deal. These people have medals they are the elite. If you get the opportunity to ride in a clinic with someone who is impressive to you, odds are they are impressive to your non-horsey friends. You just have to correctly explain who they are. Talk about their medal counts, international wins, world rankings, etc. Compare them to athletes in other sports to give perspective.

6. I am ranked ____ in _____. Are you the leading Training Junior rider in your province? That is a worth letting your non-horsey friends know. You are the number one athlete in your category in the province. This is something to be proud of, and other people will find it impressive. Talk about it.

Don’t be shy
Riders are often too humble. I know in theory you can never be too humble, but eventers tend to be way too modest. More eventers need to talk about Eventing with people outside of our tiny community. It is hard for Eventing to become a popular sport if no one knows it exists. Talking about your accomplishments, goals, training, etc. to your non-horsey friends in terms that are comparable to other sports is a great way to spark their interest in Eventing.

This is an extraordinary sport, and you are an impressive athlete. Spread the word by talking about the facts.

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