Friday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay



Friday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor: Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


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‘A new challenge’: Irish Olympic rider is expecting her first baby – Horse & Hound Irish Olympic event rider Aoife Clark will miss the start of the competition season because she is pregnant with her first child.

United Kingdom:

Latest equine flu update: more cases confirmed – Horse & Hound The Animal Health Trust has been praised for its ‘round-the-clock’ efforts in dealing with a year’s worth of tests in a matter of days.


United States:

Marie Kondo vs. My Tack Room – The Horse Is your tack room in need of organizing? Our digital managing editor recently gave hers the Marie Kondo treatment and found KonMari-ing horse-related items more challenging than cleaning her closet.

New projects get $250K to detect racehorse doping – Racing Medication and Testing Consortium approves $250,000 in funding in its ongoing focus on detecting and eliminating illicit substances in racing.

Giving the Equine Heart Some Love – The Horse As much credit as we give horses for their metaphorical hearts, the actual blood-pumping organs generally get far less attention than other bodily systems. Take an in-depth look at the cardiovascular exam, common cardiac abnormalities, and treatment options.
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