Wednesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay



Wednesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor: Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


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The Genetic Mutations Behind Dwarfism in Horses – The Horse Scientists categorize dwarfism in horses as being either proportional or disproportional, but both types are caused by genetic mutations.

United Kingdom:

British racing to resume with extra biosecurity measures in place – “We still only have two confirmed sites of infection. We have put robust containment measures in place around both.”


United States:

How to Predict Foaling – The Horse When will your mare foal? Learn the signs of impending foaling and what prognostic tools can help.

London 2012 Olympic partnership to reunite for one-off competition – Horse & Hound The Olympic rider is among many top names competing in the new eventers’ grand prix competition next month.

Postural benefits from horse riding shown in study – Ten elite female dressage riders were compared with 12 non-riding women.
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