Tuesday’s Top 10 – Comments overheard at the scoreboard



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Comments overheard at the scoreboard

10. That dressage judge screwed me, my coach told me I put in the winning test.

9. It’s totally unfair that I have to compete against Olympians.

8. Those unlucky four rails cost me a ribbon.

7.  As if the jump judge called that a stop, it only took me three minutes to kick my dumb horse off that drop.

6. I might be dead last but at least I work a ‘real’ full-time job.

5. His horse is so nice, it’s a shame he cannot ride because I know I’d win a four-star on it.

4.The cross-country course designer is too soft. If it was tougher clearly I would’ve been the only rider to jump a double clear.

3. If I had as much money as her I would be winning this thing too.

2. She’s winning because she slept with the dressage judge.

1. If I didn’t fall off at the first fence on cross-country I would’ve won.

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