Tuesday’s Top 10 – Ultra unique ways to get Eliminated at an event



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Ultra unique ways to get Eliminated at an event

10. Instead of exiting the dressage arena at ‘A’ in a walk at the end of your test, pick up a gallop and attempt to jump the judges’ booth.

9. Ride any of the three phases with a lunge whip.

8. Jump the warm-up fences backwards just to be different.

7. Bring a cow to ride at the event instead of your horse.

6. Alternatively, you could also show up riding an emu. Horses are so last year.

5. Start Snapchatting your friends in the middle of your cross-country round.

4. Put your dog in a baby carrier and ride with it. Insist that it is an emotional support dog and maybe the ground jury will let it slide…

3. Ride show jumping bareback to show off your natural balance.

2. Instead of walking your cross-country course, jump around it on your horse.

1. Whip off your jacket and show shirt mid-way through your dressage test while humming the Pink Panther theme song.

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