Eventing philanthropists: Four ways riders can lend a hand without parting with a dime



Eventing philanthropists: Four ways riders can lend a hand without parting with a dime

Philanthropy should be a part of everyone’s life. It’s not just big companies with a lot of dispensable income that should be urged to participate in giving back to the Eventing community.

Often riders reach out for support from fans, students and family to raise money to get to big competitions. That is part of the sport and we are lucky that we are part of a community with incredibly generous members who are willing to step up and help athletes realize their dreams.

However, it is everyone’s responsibility to have their own social awareness and to give a hand to those in need. Eventing philanthropy doesn’t just have to be dispensing funds to riders. It can take a lot of different forms. In the Eventing world, we can make it better by being proactive with some easy ways to extend help to others besides donating money.

Spreading knowledge by sharing your time
Regardless of the level, you are riding at, you have more knowledge than someone. You also have a horse. By being generous with your time and maybe your horse (if it is suitable), you could introduce someone to the sport of Eventing. Look around you; is there a child or friend or a family member that would enjoy an afternoon with you, your horse and a lesson?

How about visit your local public school and talk to the principal and find out if there is a child that could use a boost with an afternoon at the barn.

Or just offer to give that kid or adult amateur who is boarding in your barn a free lesson. There is always someone in every barn that can barely afford to be there who would be so grateful for a helping hand. Trust me, there is someone that could use your coaching. Even if you just do this just once a year, it will make a difference to that rider.



Kind and responsible sharing through social media
We all have access to the Eventing news from around the globe on a daily basis.

By sharing information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, you can help the Eventing community. You can share training tips, horse health information, new rules and Eventing news and entertainment. Be a great source for the community and when you discover something valuable, share it.

But when you are sharing and contributing to the dialogue of the sport, this is where you need to take a step back and think. Are you being kind and contributing to the sport in a positive manner? If not, think long and hard about your contribution and what good it will bring. Social media is very powerful and resonates with the community for a long time. Your shares and commentary not only can hurt other riders but your own reputation too. Be wise; be nice.

Build the Eventing community through social media
Are you aware that supporting and liking other rider’s pages and posts can help grow the sport? Eventing will grow with more activity on social media through likes and shares. The time you put into engaging in social media helps in two ways.

Social media engagement:

  • will show up in ‘non-Eventers’ feeds and help grow the sport by generating mainstream publicity and interest; and
  • is a tool that companies use to measure interest and influence. Sponsors seek statistics. The more likes and shares that are associated with Eventing proves that this sport is a worthwhile investment backed up with numbers. This can bring companies outside the horse world like soft drink and clothing companies into the fold. As Eventing becomes more popular with the masses, the more affordable competing will become, as it will be offset by sponsorship investment.

Be generous with social media time and grow the sport from your phone, tablet or computer with likes and shares.

Donating gently used tack and clothing
Many Eventers have tack and clothing that we are not using ever again and will never get around to selling. Gather up this clutter and take it to the barn or a show and put a “for free” sign on it. Riders new to the sport, riders with limited budgets and working students will be so happy to get some gear that they cannot afford.

Don’t be a hoarder, be a giver.

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