11 reasons why we couldn’t possibly live without horses



11 reasons why we couldn’t possibly live without horses


12 reasons we could never live without horses

Equestrians live for horses. We are all completely horse crazy and not afraid to admit it. The occasional non-horsey person might judge you for dedicating your entire life savings and every second of your free time to horses. But without horses, our lives would be so lame that we could not possibly survive. This is why equestrians cannot live without horses…

1) Hugging another person is not as emotionally satisfying.

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2) Wins are better together.

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3) Horses always keep us humble.

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4) Their babies are cuter than ours…

5) Nothing will seem intimidating compared to the things you’ve jumped over on a horse…



6) They teach you how to work hard for what you love.

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7) No substances can replace the high you get from sitting a ‘floaty trot’.

8) The sound of your horses nickering as you walk into the barn, makes your heart go pitter-patter.

9) They give us the motivation to stay fit.

10) Competing your horse brings you on endless fun adventures.

11) How else are you supposed to run alongside a giraffe? Clearly, riding vacations are the best kind.

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12) This…

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