Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons most equestrians are single



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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons most equestrians are single

10. Manure is not a sexy fragrance.

9. Your whip and spurs scare potential lovers off.

8. You once suggested to your boyfriend that you could help him lose weight by lunging him.

7. Clucking in the bedroom is considered rude.

6. Your last partner gave you a necklace for your birthday instead of a new halter for your horse. You want a man who understands what truly makes you happy.

5. You’re still searching for a partner who can back up a trailer.

4. Your last boyfriend suggested that your dogs could travel in the tack room.

3. You got turned off by how useless your last partner was at stacking hay bales.

2. Your Tinder pictures are of your horse.

1. You will only date potential horse owners.


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