How equestrians spend money compared to normal people


How equestrians spend money compared to normal people

If you are a rider or horse owner, odds are that you are not rolling in money. But you are not impoverished either. You are probably considered ‘horse poor’. This means you spend all of your hard earned money on horses so you have none left for ‘normal’ purchases. Why would you spend a dime on pointless luxury items when you can use it fund your passion? Although you might make more money than your non-horsey friends and family, outside the horse world, no one would guess this. Do these spending habits strike a familiar chord?

1) Normal people get manicures and pedicures; your horse gets shod every four to six weeks.

2) Normal people can afford to eat out at restaurants; your horse gets fed top of the line hay and grain.

3) Normal people splurge on jewelry; your horse gets blingy browbands.

4) Normal people have comfortable mattresses with fine linen sheets; your horse’s stall gets bedded with a $5.00 bag of shavings daily, while you sleep on a pullout couch.

5) Normal people drive fancy sports cars; you have an old truck and four-horse trailer.

6) Normal people go on an annual vacation; you travel to obscure towns across the country for horse trials throughout the summer.



7) Normal people buy salon hair products; you buy Cowboy Magic to keep your horse’s coat radiant and you use a no-name brand shampoo on your hair.

8) Normal people buy nice houses; you pay for your horse to be boarded at a posh stable while you live in a cave.

9) Normal people go to the chiropractor when their back is sore; your horse has a weekly chiropractor appointment and you just take Advil.

10) Normal people buy new clothing on a regular basis; your horse gets hundreds of dollars worth of new blankets each year, while you wear rags.

11) Normal people have pricey hobbies like golfing, skiing and boating; you do not sacrifice show fees or riding lesson money on any silly hobbies.

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