Six New Year’s resolutions every equestrian should make


Six New Year’s resolutions every equestrian should make

It’s official, 2019 has begun! The start of a New Year is an exciting time for equestrians. The 2019 competition season hasn’t started yet but you are busy putting in place measures to ensure your year is as successful as possible. For some riders who compete in the South, your show season will begin in a few weeks. For others, the 2019 season is six months away. Regardless of when your first competition is, now is the perfect time to start working on things that will boost your performances this year. Here are some New Year’s resolutions you need to add to your collection…

1) Volunteer at horse shows: Pull out the 2019 competition calendar or omnibus and determine which events you could fit in some volunteering time. Volunteering is not only a great way to give back but it will also improve your riding and overall knowledge about the sport. Check out this guide for some ideas on which volunteer positions might be right for you.

2) Attend a new competition: Don’t just go to all the same shows you’ve been going to forever. Venture out and compete at a new event. Competing at a new event is a great way to diversify your riding skills and support another competition.

3) Pack your own food for horse shows: Horse show food is pricey and unhealthy. Pack your own healthy food easily and without the skills of a chef. This year, aim to be organized and pack food for EVERY horse show. Here are some yummy and simple recipes to help you out.

4) Watch as much live stream footage as your schedule allows: Thanks to modern technology you are able to watch live streams from numerous events. While you likely won’t have the time to watch every minute of live stream footage, put your best effort forward to watching as much as you can. Watching the live stream footage is fun, educational and also a terrific way to support equestrian sports. You learn by watching top riders in action at some of the world’s best events. I spent a good deal of my 2018 watching the fantastic footage from the Event Rider Masters series of CIC3* events. However, I was surprised how many eventers don’t bother watching their own sport when they have the chance. You can always watch Netflix another time so take advantage of this opportunity by being aware of when events will be broadcast online and tuning in.

5) Add some off the horse fitness training to your routine: It doesn’t matter what level you compete – the fitter you are the better you will ride. By simply doing some core, flexibility and glute exercises at home, you will notice a difference in the saddle. You spend a great deal of time and energy on ensuring your horse is in peak physical condition so do the same for yourself this year. Start incorporating these exercises and you’ll thank yourself.


6) Fix that one equitation flaw your coach is always nagging you about: This year, make it your mission to put your equitation flaws behind you. It might seem difficult to overcome a habit that has been plaguing your riding for years but if you set your mind to it you’ll be able to conquer it. Not only will your coach thank-you since he/she will no longer have to keep repeating themselves but your show photos will also look dynamite. Of course, your riding will also improve as a result.

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