11 Struggles only equestrians who live in the North can relate to

Lungeing your horse before every ride so you have a chance of surviving...


11 Struggles only equestrians who live in the North can relate to

The wintertime is a rough time for equestrians around the world, especially those who live in the North. The off-season sucks for everyone but for the riders, in the North, the off-season drags on endlessly and the harsh, bitter weather is testing. If you live in the North and stay there for the duration of the winter you will understand these struggles all to well…

1. The intense jealously you feel towards EVERYONE who lives in the South or travels South for the winter.



2. Buying your horse a ‘quality’ winter blanket and seeing it destroyed in less than two weeks… #ThisIsWhyImBroke



3. Trying to stay motivated to keep training your horse properly even though your next show is half a year away.



4. The constant fear that your horse’s water trough heater will randomly quit working and your horse will be without water for X amount of time.



5. Contemplating if you would rather freeze a bit during your ride or feel super constricted thanks to the 17 layers of clothes you are wearing.


6. Dealing with your chronically ‘fresh’ horse. #PleaseDontKillMe



7. Trying to come up with new jumping exercises in a tiny indoor arena.



8. Going for a hack in the snow only to discover that the freezing temperatures take away from the scenic value.



9. Constantly fantasizing about having a HEATED indoor arena. #DreamBig



10. Dealing with a filthy horse when it is way too cold to bathe your mount…



11. Trying to take beautiful pictures of you and your horse with a pretty winter wonderland backdrop, only to have your horse refuse to stand still, a blizzard strike and your hair go super staticky from the dry, cold weather.



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