Unclutter your riding life in 2019 – Get rid of these things before the end of next month



Unclutter your riding life in 2019 – Get rid of these things before the end of next month

Stop hoarding horsey things. It is time that you removed the stuff from your tack room, horse trailer and house that you no longer use. This purge will free you from clutter and it will also be good for your mental health and perhaps even your wallet.

Here are the things that need to go straight into the trash:

1) Broken tack that is either not worth the money to fix or is beyond repair. Quit telling yourself that one-day you will be happy that you have a martingale that is snapped in half. If you have had a piece of busted tack for over two months without fixing it, then it is time to let go.

2) Expired supplements and medications. I think the reason for throwing these out is pretty self-explanatory. Be sure to dispose of these things as required in your community.

3) Riding apparel that is too worn to wear in public. You might be horse poor, but you should not be riding around in clothing with massive holes or atrocious stains. Remember, you want to look polished, not impoverished.

4) Weird prizes and giveaways that you’ve accumulated over the years. If you compete regularly, you’re going to end up with a slew of odd items ranging from cheap hoof picks to tiny bottles of tail conditioner and a glove compartment full of coupons and gift certificates that are worthless. Just get rid of all these odds and ends because they are space wasters.



Donate or sell these items
If there is a lesson barn in your area, donate the horsey items that are still usable. These things can maybe be passed on to kids in need. Or if you want to make some extra cash, you can sell these things. Some simple ways to sell these items is by putting them on consignment at a local tack store or by posting ads on Facebook in various horse groups.

These items can help a fellow rider or add money to your bank account:

1) Tack that you never use. You do not need to own enough bridles, saddles and girths to stock a tack store. If you have tack that is just collecting dust and growing mould, then it needs a new home.

2) Riding apparel that you’ve outgrown. Don’t be delusional by thinking those breeches you wore when you were 16, are going to fit again. It’s time you and your Barbie-sized riding clothes part ways.

3) Gently used saddle pads. You do not need, as many saddle pads as there are days in the year. Pick your favourites and get rid of the rest.

4) Show clothing that you have moved on from. Once you have a new show jacket, the odds of you ever trotting down centerline in your old one are unlikely. Move on!

5) Blankets that don’t fit any of your horses. Outgrowing horses is part of developing as a rider. Your new mount may not be the same size as your previous one and this will mean it needs a new wardrobe. Don’t bother keeping old blankets just in case your next horse happens to be that size.

6) Horse training books that you have already read. Let the books teach someone else what you have already learned.

7) Expensive things that you are not getting your money’s worth out of. Maybe you bought a fancy leg icing system or a massage blanket that you anticipated being a regular part of your horse’s pampering. If for whatever reason, you are not using something frequently enough to justify having it, then put it up for sale. Quit forcing yourself to try to find uses for something that just doesn’t make sense for you and your horses.

So what are you waiting for? Unclutter your riding life!

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