Five perfectly original ideas to thank your coach for another great year



Four perfectly original ideas to thank your coach for another great year

It’s nearly the holiday season, as Americans like to say, and the festivities are starting to begin. Families are getting together, friends are spending time with one another, and people are reflecting on their year. Though not everyone exchanges presents at this time of year, it can be a nice gesture to show your appreciation for your trainer if you feel inclined to.

After all, your trainer probably helped you improve this year. She might have helped you move up a level, or given your horse valuable education. She probably watched you jump some great rounds, and probably sighed when you forgot your dressage test (again). She might have high-fived you after you moved up a level, or given you suggestions on what studs to use in the middle of summer. Whatever your trainer did for you this year, it is nice to give them some credit.

Here are some suggestions for ways to thank your trainer:

1) A personalized card. You can create lovely cards online (through a website like Snapfish). Put pictures of you and your horse, or even better pictures of you riding with your trainer. Make the card as authentic as possible; show them your love.

2) A jump. This one might be easier to finance with a group of people. Buying a corner from a local cross-country builder or a show jump from a larger professional company can be a long-lasting way to show your appreciation for your trainer. If you are unsure of which company/person to contact, ETB Jumps is a very reputable company that builds both custom cross-country portables and show jumps. They are a Virginia based company but will ship jumps all over North America.

Photo via Oakhurst Farm Facebook page.

Photo via Oakhurst Farm Facebook page.



3) A calendar for 2019. This idea especially works well if you put it together with all of your trainer’s students. You can compile photos of all of you from 2019, and your trainer should love to hang the calendar in his/her barn tackroom. You can easily and affordably make a custom calendar on Snapfish. So start collaborating with the riders at your barn to round up everyone’s best photos from 2016.

4) The coolest Eventing coach T-shirt on the market. Let your coach show off to the world what a top class trainer they are with one of these Shop Attitude T-shirts. The shirts come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit your coach perfectly. And you can go above and beyond and even get your coach’s barn logo on the back of the shirts. Can you say favourite student?

Click this photo to order one for your coach!

5) If all else fails, or you are too disorganized to get the above gifts, you can always buy your trainer a nice bottle of wine or whatever his/her alcoholic favourite beverage is. If your trainer does not drink, a nice gift basket or box of expensive chocolates will do the trick too!

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