Friday’s Five – Ideas to thank your supporters for another great year



Friday’s Five – Ideas to thank your supporters for another great year

There are certain people in your life that have made pursuing your riding dreams much easier. All riders have people that support them in some aspect. Supporters can range from a significant other that tags along to your shows providing moral support, a sponsor, owner, parent that doubles as a groom, a dedicated coach, vet, farrier, barn owner – anyone who contributes to your riding is a supporter. Now is the time to make sure your supporters know how you appreciate them.

Here are five ideas to thank your supporters for another great year:

1. Give a framed picture – If you can,  find a picture of you and your horse with the special person you intend on gifting the framed picture. If you do not have a picture of your supporter horsing around with you, then choose the nicest picture you have of you riding during the season. If your supporter has a favourite phase or if you have multiple horses and your supporter has a favourite horse – make sure you pick the picture that you think they will love the most. If you have been inside their house this is a bonus because you can pick a frame that matches their house decor. If not consider just framing it in a nice glass frame with no border. Giving someone a lovely framed picture will mean a lot.

2. Mail a custom card – If you have a lot of supporters it may not be practical or affordable to send everyone a framed picture. Apple makes stunning custom picture cards that are very affordable – ranging from 99 cents to $2.99. Make sure you write a nice personal note in each card to your supporters. Tell them how much they mean to you and be specific about the positive impact they had on your Eventing season. Cards are meaningful and with email not sent enough anymore. Now you can create custom picture cards making them more personal than ever before. Unlike an email, you can put your card on display in the office, tackroom or barn.



3. Host a party and invite all of your supporters – Everyone loves a good party and what better way to celebrate your good Eventing season than with all of your supporters. Make sure you have plenty of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and a playlist with good music that your guests will enjoy. At dinner it would be thoughtful of you to make a nice speech and a toast to thank everyone for his or her contributions to your Eventing season. If you are not a speech making type of person you can also give everyone a custom card to thank them personally.

4. Give the video footage from your best event from the season  – Eventing is exciting and people enjoy reliving the good action. Likely, not all your supporters were able to see you riding a complete cross-country course – because let’s face it, cross-country courses are usually sprawling and you typically can only see a few fences. Buy the professional video footage and email the link to all your supporters with a nice professional message. Or if they are not very tech savvy you can make them a DVD or put the video footage on a USB drive and give it to them in person to make sure they are able to view it. Remember, the people that support you do so because they either love you, they think what you do is spectacular or a bit of both. Therefore, your supporters will really find watching you and your steed tackling one of the toughest events from your season very entertaining.

5. Horsehair jewelry or horseshoe art – A beautiful piece of jewelry made from a small piece of your horse’s hair is a special way to thank a supporter. You can also have your horse’s old shoes turned into a work of art ranging from a coat rack to a cookbook holder. There are a variety of companies who make beautiful horsehair jewelry and this is a very personal way to say thank-you to someone. You are not limited to one type of jewelry, so this is great if the person you are buying for is not a fan of bracelets because you can get him/her a ring, necklace, anklet, etc. If jewelry is not something your supporter would like, you can have your horse’s shoes turned into an item that they would be able to use. There are a number of people that specialize in horseshoe art and if you are good at welding you could even have a crack at it yourself. Your supporter will be pleasantly surprised to receive such a nifty personal gift from you and your horse. Just google and you will find many suppliers.

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