Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Gabrielle Ortiz


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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Gabrielle Ortiz

Today’s featured rider is Gabrielle Ortiz, a junior rider who is working her way up the levels with a new horse.

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Get to know Gabrielle
I am 15-years-old and I live in Germantown, WI. I started riding at the age of 10. I am a sophomore at high school I have a software high school. I got involved with horses in a very interesting way. When my parents divorced it was always my mom’s dream to own a Quarter Horse. So she found this man (now husband) that made her the happiest person ever and he had horses and even a barn! She knew that she could finally make her dream of owning a Quarter Horse come true. My mom’s husband who is now my stepdad also had a draft horse. We went out to a farm in Plymouth and tried out this Quarter Horse and little did we know we’d end up with him. I fell in love with him ever since and I rode him for about four years. Then decided I wanted to become an eventer. I tried taking my him Eventing and he hated it! This was the when I knew I needed a new horse. In my English class we had a persuasive paper and this was when I knew I had the perfect opportunity to tell my mom I wanted a new horse. The persuasive essay worked and that’s how I ended up with my second horse (current horse).

Gabrielle’s horse power
My first horse was a Quarter Horse named Poco. We barrel raced for about a year and then we started jumping and then did dressage for about another year. I still own him but I also own another horse named the Chief. We are very unsure of what Chief is but all we know is that he is a very special unicorn. We had a DNA tested about a couple of months ago and the results came back with Hanoverian, Quarter Horse and Mountain Pleasure Horse. Very interesting, right! (If you saw him in person you think totally different!). But many people believe that he also has some Irish Sport Horse in his bloodlines. He is 16 hands and 14-years-old. Before purchasing him in November 2017 he evented at the Training level down in Florida and also in Area IV. This year, I have been mainly showing at the Novice level but started off at the beginning of the year showing at the Beginner Novice level. This year has been very successful for us and placing in the ribbons at every show! We hope to end our 2019 show season at the Training level!

When we bought the Chief I started training with Bonnie Bowman of Bowman Sport Horse at Hidden View Farm. Bonnie and everyone at BSH has been amazing and helped us have an amazingly successful 2018 show season. With going to school five times a week it’s hard to get out to the barn but I still make it work! I ride four to five times a week and lesson once a week.



Most embarrassing Eventing moment
I was competing this summer, at the Otter Creek Summer H.T. At the show, we were competing at the Beginner Novice level. It was dressage day and we had an amazing warm up and I was super excited to go show this horse that I had in the warm-up! My trainer asks me to tell her my test and I start telling her and she tells me I’m saying the wrong test! With only two-minutes left before entering the ring I try to memorize this dressage test. I forgot my test halfway through the pattern. But it doesn’t end there! We had just walked our cross-country course and walk over to the show jumping arena and find out that 20 minutes before I have to show that Beginner Novice and Starter show jumping goes Friday nights! The people at Otter Creek were kind enough to let me be the last rider, Oh just wait I’m not even done! At the beginning of the show, I find out that I accidentally entered in the open division instead of the junior division. But we had a very successful weekend finishing in 8th place,

Most triumphant Eventing moment
This question is pretty simple to answer! Started out my Eventing showing year (2018) having dressage scores in the high 30’s and low 40’s was a tough cookie to swallow. But over this summer groaning and getting to know the Chief better I am proud to say that our lowest dressage score is a 26.7. Our dressage scores have now consistently been in the high 20’s and low 30’s. I can’t wait for winter boot camp and getting our scores perfect. The Chief’s old owners consistently scored in the mid 20’s and I always look up to those scores knowing we can do it.

2018 milestones
Our most successful show this year was either Silverwood Fall H.T. or Otter Creek Fall H.T. We placed 2nd at both and showed Novice at both shows. Our dressage was super and we went double clear in show jumping and cross-country. Also, both of those shows qualified us for AEC’S next year 🙂

Best of luck this year Gabrielle! 


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