Friday’s Five – Ways to actually have fun during the off-season


Friday’s Five – Ways to actually have fun during the off-season

Eventing season has come to a close for the year in most areas of the world. You have spent all year tirelessly looking after your horse(s) and now it is time to look after yourself. With no events to attend on the weekends, you have a bit of extra spending money and time.


Five ways to treat yourself during the off-season – you definitely deserve it:

1. Join a gym – Do not wait until New Years before you start working on your three-day body. Join the gym immediately. With less riding and other barn-related physical activities in your life, you may be surprised how quickly your fitness can go downhill. Be the best athlete you can be and increase your fitness during this period of horsey downtime.

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2. Get yourself professionally groomed and manicured – In between clipping your horse and holding it for your farrier, spend some time having yourself pampered. Book hair and manicure appointments for yourself because when you look good you will feel good. You don’t have to stop there you can go full out and do an entire spa day, massages, facials and everything! Put yourself in your horse’s shoes and get some professional grooming treatments.



Don't just spoil your pets...

Don’t just spoil your pets…

3. Cook delicious meals for yourself for an entire week – I know not a lot of riders love cooking, but give it a shot because you are capable of making more delicious meals than you can order at a restaurant (especially if you are on a budget). If you are going to go through the effort to cook good meals and you live alone, consider inviting over some friends or family for dinner. Good food is always better when paired with good company (and wine…).

Preparing these delicious dishes is easier than you'd expect. Check out the Buzzfeed link below for all the recipes.

Preparing these delicious dishes is easier than you’d expect. Check out the Buzzfeed link below for all the recipes.

Here are some super easy-to-follow online recipe sources. Remember that if you can ride a horse you can cook yourself a proper dinner:

4. Spend an entire weekend away from your ponies – At first a weekend without horses may sound more like a form of torture than a form of fun and relaxation but trust me everyone needs a break. You do not have to break the bank hopping on a plane and going somewhere posh. Just grab your best friend (or go alone if you are more the solo type), get in your truck and drive to the nearest place that you want to go. Depending on your geographical location there may be enough snow to go skiing or maybe it is still warm enough for you to go fishing. If you have a horse trailer with living quarters you can drag that with you without horses on it and stay in it rather than getting a hotel room. Go wherever and do whatever suits your fancy but leave the horses at home for once.

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5. Buy that non-horsey item you’ve been wanting forever. – You spend thousands on your horse during the show season. If there is something you have been dying to own for a while just buy it. You will not regret it. It does not matter whether it is a new purse, video game, movie series, couch, etc. Just buy the thing; you will not starve to death as a result! But if it is a private jet that you really, really want then you might want to buy a lottery ticket and go to church instead…

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