Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Katy Raynor


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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Katy Raynor

Today’s featured rider is Katy Raynor, a full-time vet and a new mom who is working her way up the levels with her OTTB.

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Get to know Katy
I am an Equine Veterinarian and I started riding at age six because I loved animals and it never went away! I am currently riding Training level on an OTTB that I trained myself up the levels. My goal is to move up to the Preliminary level at the beginning of next year. In October, I will be riding at my first 3-day in Maryland! Currently, we are training and conditioning for that.

Katy’s horse power
I own an Australian Thoroughbred. He raced in Hong Kong and was shipped to Vermont once he was done racing. He had 25 career starts and was quite the established racer. He is currently 13-years-young and I have had him for five years. He doesn’t like to be touched/groomed/hugged but is an amazing competitor at events. He knows when it is time to show and puts on a game face. Despite not liking grooming, he is a very easy going guy. He is as honest as they come and while initially he was nervous about water and drop banks, we have moved past our fears and have become quite a cross-country horse. He is currently boarded at a wonderful eventing barn in Lee NH called Coyote Spring farm and is turned out with many other geldings in a big beautiful grass paddock. My relationship with him is strong and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this sport. I think moving up the levels with him and starting from scratch has created a very strong partnership and bond.

He also has palm trees branded on his left shoulder which makes him quite unique.

I am trained and supported by Jocelyn Hawe weekly and clinic with Eric Horgan and have started to ride with Eric Smiley. I also take jump lessons on occasion with Suzi Gornall and dressage lessons with Gwyn Mcpherson (forward thinking dressage) I ride in the early morning or the late evenings as my job requires quite a bit of time management to be able to keep my horse fit, but those are the nicest times to ride in my opinion because they are quiet and usually I have the place to myself and it allows my horse to have his full turnout time daily!



Influence and inspiration
100% Jocelyn Hawe. She has made me the rider I am today, not only by her training techniques but also by watching her train and compete her own horses.

Most embarrassing Eventing moment
I fell off my horse when I first got him and broke my pelvis. Didn’t know it until after I got back on and finished the course.

Most triumphant Eventing moment
Coming back into the show world after pregnancy and doing well despite being a full-time equine veterinarian and a new mom!

2018 milestones
Winning Huntington at Training level this summer! We finally put all the pieces together despite losing a shoe and entering after the closing date. This allowed up to compete in the Training championships!

Best of luck this year Katy! 


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