Tuesday’s Top 10 – Rule changes that would leave eventers shook

Catchers keepers, fallers weepers...?



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Rule changes that would leave eventers shook

10. If you believe a dressage judge scored your test unfairly, you can arm wrestle them for a better score. If you win, you get 10 penalties off your score, if you lose, 20 penalty points get added to your score.

9. At horse inspections, all horses will have to be lunged in both directions in front of the Ground Jury.

8. Safety vests will be mandatory in show jumping and dressage. Injury prevention is key at all times.

7. If your horse breaks a frangible device, you will have to help the course builders reset the jump. Your time will not be stopped but you will no longer incur 11 penalties.

6. In all three phases, if you fall off but land on your feet, you can get back on and continue penalty free (Eventers will now be enrolling in gymnastic classes).

5. Patting your horse excessively hard will be grounds for horse abuse, resulting in a yellow card.

4. Motorbikes will be allowed on course at all times. It is the riders’ responsibility to dodge (or jump) them.

3. Riders must tack up their own horses at the warm-up ring in front of a show steward.

2. All loose horses will be the property of whoever catches them. Riders better run quickly after a fall.

1. Only bit-less bridles are allowed on cross-country to prevent any further blood in the mouth drama.

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