Tuesday’s Top 10 – Thoughts your horse has during dressage



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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Thoughts your horse has during dressage

10. I bet I can do this dressage test so fast that we’ll set a world record.

9. All these circles are making me dizzy.

8. Don’t worry, I can easily clear that tiny white fence! Let’s get out of here.

7. Going on the bit makes my neck look fat…

6. How many more tests do I have to take until I graduate from dressage?

5. You realize that my head is only unsteady because your orchestra-conducting-hand actions are jerking it around. You have the ‘contact issues’.

4. Flying bucks should score higher marks than flying changes – especially when you stay on.

3. Why we are doing this?! You are miserable and I sure as hell am.

2. Can you just post trot? You’re killing my back.

1. Loosen my noseband, I want to flash the judge a smile.


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