Friday’s Five – Equestrian novels that will inspire and entertain you



Friday’s Five – Equestrian novels to keep you from going mad during the off-season

Fall is nearly here, which means the end of competition season is rapidly approaching. Before you know it there will be snow on the ground it will be impossible to even enjoy a cross-country school or outdoor school. The best way to control your horse show withdrawals during the off-season is by immersing yourself in fictional equestrian novels. Escape the reality of the off-season with these adrenaline-packed and emotionally captivating equestrian novels…

1) Fortune’s Fool by Mary Pagones: Pagones’ Fortune’s Fool series is told through the perspective of the irreverent, hyper-competitive Simon O’ Shaughnessy (and is one of the few Eventing series solely narrated by a male protagonist). This is certainly a must-read for any male equestrian but females will also love and relate to it.


2) Ambition (The Eventing Series Book 1) by Natalie Keller Reinert: Reinert’s books follow the sharp-tongued, ambitious Jules Thornton as Jules struggles with making her name in Eventing, navigating romantic relationships in the horse industry, and the challenges of weather in Florida. Any rider who has wintered or lives in Florida will feel an extra bit of appreciation for this stellar read.



3) First Fence: (Pony Jumpers #1) by Kate Lattey: Lattey’s Pony Jumpers series offers readers a window into the New Zealand equestrian scene, the birthplace of some of the toughest eventers in the world. Not only is the story entertaining but this series also incorporates information about training and riding show jumpers that will help and guide you in your own riding.


4) Loxwood by Grace Wilkinson: Wilkinson’s Loxwood series chronicles the ups and downs in the life of Georgina, an exercise rider at Newmarket and an aspiring eventer. Any equestrian who is working their butt off to make it in this tough industry will love and relate to this series.


5) Eventer’s Dream (Eventing Trilogy Book 1) by Caroline Akrill: Love broad British humor? Author Caroline Akrill’s Eventing Trilogy is for you. This is the story of a young girl trying to make a career in the horse business but she finds herself working at a stable that is rather insane. Reading this series will help you put your own issues in perspective and find the humour in the often challenging horse world.


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