7 Genius tips and tricks to keep your barn impeccably tidy



7 Genius tips and tricks to keep your barn impeccably tidy

There is nothing nicer than walking into a stable that looks tidy and organized. If you are running a barn, it is important for your professional image that your barn always looks impeccable. Plus it is more practical and even safer to work in a barn that is kept tidy. Use these uber simple and creative ways to tidy up your barn in no time:

1) Store your brushes and bottles with an over-the-door shoe organizer: Human shoes and horse brushes are roughly the same size, making those over-the-door shoe organizers perfect for keeping horse brushes. You can also neatly store bottles of products in the shoe pockets as well. Although the hooks on these organizers are designed to be hung over a door, if you don’t have a door in the location you want your brushes to be you can install a metal rod in the ideal location to hang it on.


2) Get creative to keep all bridles, halters, and lead ropes neatly hanging up: There is nothing worse looking than halters and bridles on the floor, anywhere in the barn. Depending on your budget and needs for hanging space for these things, you can use some different innovative methods to hang them up.

– Equi Racks Rotary Headstall Rack: This device is a dream come true for people looking to organizer their barns. It is excellent for tack rooms with limited wall space and a must have in crosstie areas where there tends to be an overflow of halters/bridles. You can hang up to eight halters or bridles on the heavy duty horseshoe hooks and an additional eight things from the eight under-hooks. It also spins around making it easy to grab what you need or speed up cleaning tack.

– Recycled tuna or paint cans: You can glue or nail old tuna or paint cans onto your tack room walls as an affordable way to hang bridles. The rounded shape of the cans ensures that the leather will not become warped. Clean the cans thoroughly and spray paint them a colour that will suit the space nicely for a classy look.

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3) Use a palette to keep pitchforks and brooms from getting scattered all over the barn: Flip a palette upright and use it to keep your barn tools nicely stored. If the natural wood look doesn’t match your barn you can paint it whatever colour your heart desires, you could even bedazzle it if you wanted to. Most barns have palettes laying around for whatever reasons and if not you can pick one up from your local feed or hardware store. This is definitely an easy and chic way to keep your barn tools in one place and out of the way.

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4) Keep blankets neatly hung on stall doors with the Kensington Blanket Storage System: Not only will this blaknet bag keep blankets from hanging sloppily on stall doors but it will also keep blankets in top condition. It is made out of a 600 Denier Ripstop outer shell and Textilene(R) sides for maximum breathability. The two hook and loop straps on the back allow you to easily hang it from a stall door, while snaps inside help keep the bag closed. It looks super professional and it is beyond practical.


5) Make sure there are ample saddle racks: Walking into a tack room that has saddles stacked on top of one another doesn’t look great and it is not good for saddles to be kept like that. Always make sure there are enough saddle racks for every single one in the barn. If your tack room lacks wall space you can invest in Equi Racks Six Saddle Rack, which holds six saddles and doesn’t even require a wall to mount it on!


6) Use a pegboard to organize your bits, girths or just about anything that can be hung up: Pegboards are commonly found in garages to hang up tools but they also work fantastically in tack rooms to hang bits, girths, spurs and just about anything else you can hang off of a hook. You can even install shelves on them. Adding a pegboard to your tack room will make other barn owners so envious that they’ll probably follow suit.

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7) Conveniently dry and hang boots with velcro strips on a wall or shelf: Most horse boots have velcro straps making this a superb system for drying and storing boots in a fashion that will make simple to find the pair you want. Simply stick on some strips of velcro on a wall or other flat surface where you want to store your horse boots. Easy peasy.

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