Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Bianca Iddiols

Bianca & Split Decision



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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Bianca Iddiols

Today’s featured rider is Bianca Iddiols, a Canadian young rider who competes successfuly in both Eventing and Dreassage.

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Get to know Bianca
I am 19-years-old and have been riding since the age of six. I live in Toronto and have just finished Grade 12. Growing up, I was obsessed with horses but I had no horse person in my family to help me connect to riding. It was purely by luck that when I was in Kindergarten, a friend’s mom offered to take me with her daughter to try out some riding lessons. Like any horse-obsessed girl, I begged my parents until they agreed. I finished that session of lessons at Raynham Stables and haven’t looked back. I have been competing for about nine years. Currently, I am competing two horses – “Split Decision” (a.k.a Buttercup) at the Preliminary/CCI* Level and “Royal Edition” (a.k.a Royal) in Eventing and Dressage.

Bianca’s horse power
I am currently competing at the Preliminary and CIC1*/CC1I* level on a 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood Cross, named Split Decision (“Buttercup”) owned by Nikki Maclellan. “Butter” is one of the most adjustable and intelligent horses I have ever ridden. She loves stadium and cross-country and works hard at all she does. She and I have trained and competed together for 3 years.

I also have been working with a Canadian Sport Horse, Royal Edition (“Royal”) for about one year. She is a naturally beautiful mover and seems to love jumping. I have been showing “Royal” this year at 1st Level Dressage and will be starting her at Lane’s End in her first Horse Trial following a few years away from this discipline. I am very excited about both her Dressage and Eventing future and look forward to working further with her and watching her develop her potential!

I have consistently ridden and trained with Lindsay Mahon and Nikki Maclellan at Raynham Stables in Schomberg Ontario. Both Lindsay and Nikki have taught me since I was 6-years-old and have been excellent coaches and mentors. Lindsay and Nikki have frequently facilitated yearly clinics at their barn, which have provided valuable feedback on multiple occasions from external clinicians including Peter Gray, Jessica Phoenix, Rebecca Howard, and Jessica Costello.

In an effort to get as much time in the saddle as possible and deepen my horsemanship skills, I have also volunteered to be the working student and personal groom for Lindsay Mahon for four years, working and living at the barn over the summers. I have learned a great deal from watching and training with Lindsay. He is an incredible horseman with a deep and extensive knowledge of his craft. This experience has enabled me to better understand the inner workings of a stable, the business of running a school, and training and developing horses. Because of this experience, I have had the opportunity to exercise a bunch of horses and as well, have worked and competed with two project horses – an incredible experience that I otherwise would not have had. While the job has been demanding, this immersive experience has been invaluable to my learning.



Influence and inspiration
I actually fell into Eventing! I was lucky to have started riding at an Eventing barn as a young girl and came to understand what Eventing was through the school program at Raynham Stables. I feel lucky to have started in Eventing in that I have learned the foundations of three different equestrian disciplines and feel part of the very friendly and supportive community that makes up Eventing in Ontario.

Like many other younger riders, nothing that I have accomplished so far would have been possible without the countless hours that my mom gave up driving me back and forth to the barn each week from Toronto, all year long, for 13 years! My parents have been so supportive and have always facilitated my goals. In addition, Lindsay Mahon, his wife Caryn, and Nikki Maclellan have become more than coaches…they are like family and have always provided encouragement and support in the best and worst of situations. I can always hear their voices and coaching in my head even when they are not around!

Most embarrassing Eventing moment
Taking out an entire jump and both standards on the first-ever stadium course I attempted at Preliminary.

Most triumphant Eventing moment
Competing at Richland Horse Trials last August in my first-ever CIC* on Split Decision with a double clear on cross-country. Competing at Hagyard MidSouth last October at our first-ever CCI* and finishing a respectable 13th overall! As well, Split Decision and I finished as Champion in the Ontario Young Riders Challenge Series in Preliminary, 2nd overall at Championships in Junior Preliminary, and 2nd overall in Ontario for Junior Preliminary. In the year prior, we finished 3rd overall in Junior Training in Ontario. Most recently, winning the Open Preliminary division at Lane’s End, finishing 2nd at Glen Oro H. T. in Senior Preliminary, and qualifying for the A.E.C’s in Colorado in Prelim/CIC* have been a few of this year’s highlights! Despite all that we’ve accomplished, it is the very special partnership and relationship I have with Butters and with Royal that brings me the most joy!

2018 milestones
I am hoping to take Split Decision (Buttercup) to the Ontario Provincial Championships again in Preliminary, this time in the Senior Division, and I also am looking to compete at the one-star level again with her. With “Royal”, I am hoping to take her to the Dressage Championships later in August and take her to some Horse Trials! The most important and over-arching goal for me is to find ways to improve my horsemanship and capacity to work with and train horses. That relationship you develop with your horse and seeing it improve is something pretty special!

Best of luck this year Bianca! 


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