When a horse show weekend SUCKS: Beginner Novice gone wrong

Photo via Cindy Hahn on Facebook.



When a horse show weekend SUCKS: Beginner Novice gone wrong

On Mondays, your social media is often filled with cute statuses about how your fellow equestrians’ weekends went and of course, ribbon photos. Yes, the classic ribbon on a horse’s bridle photos with someone holding it smiling like a Cheshire cat. One quick scroll down any social media platform and you will see way too many of these victorious little photos with joyous captions. But sometimes your weekend will SUCK. To keep things real, Sable Giesler shared her sucky weekend tale and asked Eventing Connect readers to share their horrendous weekend stories. Our readers did not disappoint… This week, Cindy Hahn shares her Beginner Novice disaster.

I feel your pain! I’m relatively new to Eventing as is my horse. So… last fall easy Beginner Novice. The first day was dressage, we got through despite grumpy horse trying to bulge out of ring toward barns. The second day was show jumping. My horse lost it in the claustrophobic small warm-up ring and when taking warm-up jumps would grab the bit and bolt toward the in-gate. Completely unsafe to ride in the show jumping ring and had to withdraw. We never got to go cross-country. All of the months of training and previous events down the drain. A puddle of tears and real thoughts of quitting on this horse…

We went back to the same horse trials last weekend and my horse was wonderful – happy, rideable and lots of fun! We had time penalties cross-country but clean jumping (need to buy watch now) otherwise we would have had 3rd. But this time I finished with a big smile on my face!

That’s Eventing!

Weekends that suck need to be heard about too. Share yours!!
So in honour of the riders who had weekends they want to forget, we are starting a new series.

Email me your story about your disappointing weekend, tell us how you dealt with it and we will publish it because misery loves company and you will be entered in a draw for a Shop ATTITUDE T-Shirt of your choice pictured below.
Email: sable@eventingconnect.today

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