“Real World” lessons horse sports will teach you – from Bit of Britain


We are excited to bring you updates throughout the year from Bit of Britain’s 2018 Top Riders. Today, the Bronze Sponsorship winner, Magdalena Valenti shares some invaluable lessons that equestrian sports have taught her.

“Real World” lessons from this sport
by Magdalena Valenti

This sport is not for the weak, and eventers are most certainly a tough, hard working group of people, but there are so many little lessons that we learn through our experiences and may not often think about. Between the hours spent riding, are countless more hours spent otherwise in the horse world, it is easy to forget that you learn so much more in your experiences than just how to ride. Following all the hard work with often little reward, we take for granted all the important things we learn along the way. Here are five of my favorite lessons that eventing teaches us that are useful in the “real world,” if that is where you want to go.

1. Eventing teaches resilience. Time and time again we fall off, or are disappointed with our results, but we keep on trying.
2. Early mornings are a breeze. All those horse show mornings make an early start to your day sound easy, while others complain and struggle.
3. Multi-tasking is second nature. There’s never enough time to do anything when it comes to horses, so it becomes necessary to be as efficient as possible.
4. Being assertive comes much more naturally after you have experienced some busy warm up rings.
5. Responsibility and commitment are necessities when it comes to horses. They need constant care as well as exercise. When when they are hurt or not being ridden, the responsibility is still yours, and this is not something you can back out of.

So many more things could be listed, but the point is that even if sometimes it feels like you are not getting anywhere, just try to think about everything else you have learned. There is so much more to it than getting on a horse and the lessons learned behind the scenes will be beneficial beyond the horse world.


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