12 Unique skillz only equestrians have

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12 Unique skillz only equestrians have

Equestrians are only human but we have certain skills that ordinary non-horsey people lack. Although some of these skills are slightly useless outside of the horse world, they are still really impressive. And there are a few skills that equestrians possess that give us a real one-up in numerous aspects of our lives. Clearly, equestrians should rule the world because we are pretty skilful people. These 12 skills are just some of the many abilities that ONLY equestrians have:

1) You can stack an absurdly large amount of hay in 100-degree weather. You have arms of steel and can work in absurdly hot conditions for long periods of time. This obviously comes in handy during haying season but it also useful if you ever have to move during the middle of the summer.

2) You are able to sweep freakishly fast; Olympic curlers have nothing on equestrians. Sweeping the barn on a daily basis has given you Olympic-level sweeping talents. So if your riding career doesn’t work out you can always go to the Winter Olympics as a curler…

3) You can pinpoint lameness in any four-legged creature to the exact leg that is ailing. Your years of assessing lame horses has made you a whiz at identifying lamenesses in every four-legged being. Non-horsey people might not be able to tell that their dog’s left front leg is sore but you certainly can. You are basically a vet, minus the official license.

4) You’re a total miracle worker with binder twine. There isn’t anything that cannot be fixed or created with just a bit of binder twine. Hair ties, belts, handles, … you can make so much with a string or two of binder twine. This is why you always keep some binder twine on hand in your car or purse.

5) You are excellent at guessing heights of anything. Setting jumps has turned you into a height expert. There isn’t anything you can simply eyeball and know its precise height. If you ever get mugged you’ll be able to accurately tell the police the height of your mugger.

6) You know the location of every gas station that sells diesel in your state or province. Driving all over with your truck towing your horse trailer has forced you learn where every gas station with diesel is in nearly the entire country and definitely in your state or province. If any of your friends ever want to know where a good place is to stop and fuel up with diesel you’re better to ask than Siri.

7) You are the master of riding mechanical bulls. Naughty horses have turned you into the king/queen of mechanical bull riding. You’re the star at every bar that has a mechanical bull. This should probably win you a few free drinks in your lifetime.

8) There is no stain that is too tough for you to defeat. If you can get grass and horse slobber stains out of white breeches then you can get any stain out of anything. You would make your Grandma proud if she knew how talented you are at stain removal.

9) You can literally find a needle in a haystack. We have all been there, braiding our horses and accidentally dropping our needle into a pile of hay/shavings. Of course you fear that your horse will find a way to kill itself with the needle so you darn well make sure you find that needle. Keep this skill a secret from your friends and family or else you’ll end up being the go-to person to find lost things. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

10) You know when a bone is broken without needing to see an x-ray. Unfortunately, breaking bones is a common occurrence among riders so you know when a bone is actually busted. Many people spend hours wasting time in the ER only to be told they just have a bruise and to take some Advil. You, on the other hand, show up at the ER and tell the doctors the exact bone you broke and the date you plan to be back in the saddle.

11) You’re excellent at restoring leather to its former glory. Tack cleaning has transformed you into a leather wizard. You could practically make a career out of taking old leather furniture and making it look brand spanking new.

12) You can find the cheapest anything. Horses are expensive and unless you win the lottery you have to keep a close eye on your bank account. This means you have learned how to sniff out the best deals. You manage to never spend more than $5 on a T-shirt and can make dinner for three for under $10 because you need to pay your farrier several hundred dollars a month…

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