Find out how equestrians answered these freaking hard “Would you rather” questions

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Find out how equestrians answered these freaking hard “Would you rather” questions

Last week, riders from around the equestrian world played a game of “Would you rather“. The questions we asked made riders choose between some extremely tough choices. Everyone has different opinions on what is important to them. Most of the questions had some very evenly divided answers and only a few had an overwhelming top answer. Check out the results below to find out what equestrians really would rather do/have…

Are you part of the majority or minority?


1. Would you rather your horse jump out of the dressage ring or buck you off mid-test?


2. Would you rather have to get a massive grass stain out a horse’s white sock or pick dozens of burrs out of its tail?


3. Would you rather spend eternity scribing for a dressage judge or working as ring crew for show jumping?


4. Would you rather fall off in a water complex or in the coffin ditch?



5. Would you rather ride Boyd Martin’s Tsterleg or Phillip Dutton’s Z around the 2018 Tryon World Equestrian Games cross-country course?


6. Would you rather have to compete in brand new and very stiff tall boots or in full seat breeches that are two sizes to small?


7. Would your rather ride around the Burghley CCI4* cross-country track without stirrups on a saint of a horse or in a bit-less bridle on a strong horse?


8. Would you rather muck 60 stalls or clean one gas station bathroom?


9. Would you rather always get jumped a bit out of the tack or bounce like crazy when you sit trot?

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