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Eastern Hay 770x170-March


Last Week TODAY

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Successful weekend.

dreamiest of dream teams

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Total legend.


Drinks and smiles.

‪It’s been such a wonderful afternoon catching up with very dear long time friends Rod Fitzroy, former @flemingtonvrc Chairman and his daughter Julia – Hasenacher @hasenacher_stud Jack Sparrow’s greatest fan! It was so lovely to see ‘half’ of the Fitzroy family at Somerby Stables during their UK trip and we can’t wait to see everyone in Melbourne in November. Jack Sparrow absolutely loves champagne – he is so excited about the ‘bubbles’. So when he is not competing he is allowed a little sip every now and then – he therefore thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon, too! 😉🥂 #FamilyAndFriends ‬#SomerbyStables #HappyHorses #FamilyTime #EventingLife #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #HasenacherStud #ColouredHorse

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Enjoying the nice weather.


Dressage queen.


Made another team.



Working on the weekend.



🌟🌟Building trust is everything when it comes to horses🌟🌟 Something seemingly as silly as walking over a banner will strengthen the bond between horse and rider (provided the rider has patience and doesn't resort to force if it doesn't work out straight away!!). I can guarantee this simple task will have many horses in flight mode. We want their default to trust, use their own brain and proceed calmly without adrenalin having had the time to understand and digest the situation. A horse under pressure will not be able to think logically and compute a situation as well as a horse not under pressure. This mare is only a 5yo and unbelievably this was her first time asked to go over this particular object. But it is not the first time she has learnt that the obscure things I ask her to do turn out to be ok. I whole heartedly believe this will stand us in good stead down our competitive future together. She 100% trusts me and we are proper team mates in it together 😎❤🦄

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Like a boss.

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