Tuesday’s Top 10 – Biggest misconceptions equestrians have

You are not the next Michael Jung.

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WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Biggest misconceptions equestrians have

10. If I keep breeding my old mare, I will eventually produce an Olympic winner.

9. I will be a working student until one day, my boss’s owners will realize my talent and give me all the rides.

8. Okay, I fell off; odds are I won’t fall off at the next show!

7. If I had better horses, I would be as good as Chris Burton.

6. If I keep hashtagging companies in my hot selfies, eventually I will get sponsored.



5. I won a medal at NAJYRCs, so I must be destined for greatness.

4. My dressage is excellent, those judges need their vision checked.

3. I can’t sell this horse because this is my ticket to the Olympics.

2. I’m not going to worry about making money right now, it’s not healthy.

1. Someday I will go to the Olympics, Mark Todd went to Rio at 60.

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