When a horse show weekend SUCKS: New horse, new jacket, dressage fiasco

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When a horse show weekend SUCKS: New horse, new jacket, dressage fiasco

On Mondays, your social media is often filled with cute statuses about how your fellow equestrians’ weekends went and of course, ribbon photos. Yes, the classic ribbon on a horse’s bridle photos with someone holding it smiling like a Cheshire cat. One quick scroll down any social media platform and you will see way too many of these victorious little photos with joyous captions. But sometimes your weekend will SUCK. To keep things real, Sable Giesler shared her sucky weekend tale and asked Eventing Connect readers to share their horrendous weekend stories. Our readers did not disappoint… Continuing the series is Ginny Robinson with her dressage test disaster.

New horse, new jacket purchased, better stock tie. All ready for dressage. Horse was a jewel in the warm-up. Entered the ring, down centre line, turned left, DING, DING, DING. I stopped, judge yelled, GO RIGHT! I yelled back, I’M DOING TEST A! She motioned me over. It’s Test B. WHAT??? I said what happens now? She said you are technically eliminated but go to the show office and tell them Betty Jones got eliminated and ask permission to ride the rest of the weekend. I said ok, but I’m not Betty Jones. Several embarrassed gasps emitted from both the judge and the scribe. Much paper rustling ensued. I waited. They verified my number.

The judge said well technically you haven’t even started your test. Go back in, down the centre line, go right, trot circle at… and I really can’t tell you more than that. I said it doesn’t matter anyway, I haven’t even looked at Test B.

Off I went to the show office, brand new helmet with a bit of bling feeling way too conspicuous at this point.

Arrrggrrr! Live for another day!

Weekends that suck need to be heard about too. Share yours!!
So in honour of the riders who had weekends they want to forget, we are starting a new series.

Email me your story about your disappointing weekend along with a photo or several that you have the rights to publish (anything of you and your horse, it doesn’t have to be from that event), tell us how you dealt with it and we will publish it because misery loves company and you will be entered in a draw for a Shop ATTITUDE T-Shirt of your choice pictured below.
Email: sable@eventingconnect.today

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