Non-horsey sports that equestrians would excel at

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Non-horsey sports that equestrians would excel at

A fellow equestrian friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she dreamt she was exceptionally talented at a non-equestrian sport and went to the Olympics. Of course, she woke up and could not remember which sport it was. This sent me on a train of thoughts about which sports equestrians could, in fact, kick some serious butt at. Riding horses is HARD and dealing with them on the ground is even worse. This makes equestrians a tough breed of athletes with a range of talents. So if you are losing hopes of riding at this year’s World Equestrian Games (or any major games), fear not, here are some sports you’d champion at:

Luge – If you have ever ridden a bolting horse on a slight downhill incline then you are fully prepared for this high-speed sport. Just lie there and don’t panic. Simple, you have the mindset for this.

Tug Of War – Half-halting your difficult horse on a daily basis has conditioned your arms for this. Holding onto horses that are trying to escape while you lead them in from the paddock is another form of training you’ve undergone. Rally up some of your fellow equestrians and form a team, you will be unstoppable (unpullable).

Tumbling – All of those times you’ve rolled off of your horse have just prepared you for greatness. You are the master of tumbling. You can fly through the air and execute a few flips before landing square on your arse. You don’t even flinch.

Baton Twirling – You have been twirling riding whips around for years. If you can use a lunge whip you can twirl a baton. All you need to do is throw in some creative dance moves. The world will have never seen a baton twirler quite as special as you.



Freestyle BMX – Imagine how easy it would be to ride something that didn’t have its own stupid ideas? Well, this sport involves machines not borderline feral animals. Hit the gas, hold on and let your athletic brilliance show.

100m Sprint – This is basically a horse inspection but without a crazed animal running beside you and heels on that you probably shouldn’t have worn. Strap on sneakers and run as fast as you can go. Your competitive spirit will clinch you the win, anyone can run 100m.

Pentathlon – Guaranteed you will be better at the show jumping component of this sport. Now you need a bit of practice at shooting, swimming, fencing and cross-country running. Cross-country? Heck, surely you will be great at doing that! You don’t even have to control a horse for this phase, only your own two legs.

Bowling – This is barely a sport, I know. But think of how excellent you could perform at it. All you do is throw a GIANT ball and hit a few pins that are super easy to knock over. Easy, right? If you have any troubles with this sport throw a fit and say the bowling lane is rigged. Always be a good sport…


So which non-horsey sports do you think you’d excel at?

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