Tuesday’s Top 10 – Signs and symptoms of ‘Obsessive Eventing Disorder’



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Signs and symptoms of ‘Obsessive Eventing Disorder’

10. First thing you do in the morning is visit www.eventingconnect.today to check out Today’s SCOOP.

9. When you are sitting in your car and traffic slows down, you start to cluck.

8. Getting up in the middle of the night to watch events online across the pond is a must.

7. You only go shopping for clothes when you need a jog-up outfit to make the Stylish Six.

6. The only time you entertain visiting a golf course is when you are plotting on how you could sneak on for gallop sets.



5. You check the weather regularly to gauge footing, not to plan a trip to the beach.

4. You know the names of Phillip, Andrew, William and Ingrid’s horses, but you don’t know the names of your own nieces and nephews.

3. When you are out hacking, every object you look at, you wonder how it would jump. No mailbox is too skinny…

2. You actually have attempted to jump a mailbox.

1. Spiders and snakes may terrify you but jumping a horse off of a five-foot drop into water is your definition of fun.

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