Find out how equestrians answered these nearly impossible “Would you rather” questions



Find out how equestrians answered these nearly impossible “Would you rather” questions

Last week, riders from around the equestrian world played a game of “Would you rather“. The questions we asked made riders choose between some extremely tough choices. Everyone has different opinions on what is important to them. Most of the questions had some very evenly divided answers and only a few had an overwhelming top answer. Check out the results below to find out what equestrians really would rather do/have…

Are you part of the majority or minority?


1. Would you rather have to braid with elastics that keep breaking for the rest of your life or have to compete horses with roached manes forever?


2. Would you rather fall off into a pile of manure in warm-up or fall off into nice clean sand in the show ring?


3. Would you rather win an Olympic gold medal then have to immediately retire from riding or never come close to riding at the Olympics but ride your whole life?


4. Would you rather bathe a bay horse in a wash stall with the lowest water pressure ever or bathe a filthy, stained grey horse with ample water pressure?


5. Would you rather leave a stride out to a wide oxer or chip in an extra one?



6. Would you rather ride a horse that bucks every time you ask it to canter or one that you have to kick like the dickens to make it trot on?


7. Would you rather have the worst Working Student job ever or a desk job that pays well for the summer?


8. Would you rather have a lousy truck or a lousy horse trailer?


9. Would you rather have your dog get loose and spook one of Phillip Dutton’s horses in a dressage test or have a loose dog spook your horse resulting in an awful test?

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