17 Reasons why riding instructors are way overpaid



17 Reasons why riding instructors are way overpaid

Riding instructors/coaches are definitely one of the most grossly overpaid professionals. Like who wouldn’t want a job that involved flexible hours, spending time outside, light physical activity, easygoing clients, etc?! Seriously, our coaches should be thanking us for giving them such dreamy lifestyles. If your coach ever tries to suggest upping his/her rates remember they are already way overpaid and these are just some of the examples why…

1. They only work in the nicest weather.



2. Learning enough about horses and riding to become a coach costs next to nothing.



3. The hours they work (usually, 6:00 am until 10:00 pm) are enviable.



4. Everyone dreams of growing up to be a human bowling pin.


5. Their students are super easy to schedule lesson times with.


6. Repeating yourself for an hour straight is simple work.



7. Nothing like getting to work in the great outdoors… Or a dusty indoor arena…



8. Getting to ride their student’s rank wildebeest is extra fun, basically, like taking a free ride on a rollercoaster.



9. Listening to their students’ parents tell them how to do their jobs is sooooo helpful.



10. There’s nothing like the challenge of a student who just learned to ride a year ago tell you that they want to qualify for the World Equestrian Games next year. That is the challenge of explaining to them why this is completely impossible…



11. They get to be surrounded by their students’ dogs, regardless of how many times they reiterate that it would be appreciated if they kept their mutts at home.



12. When they are not standing in the arena coaching, they get to do ultra glamorous things like muck stalls and fix the tractor.



13. Setting jumps is clearly a blast.



14. The adrenaline rush of watching a student’s life flash before their eyes when he/she does something you just told him/her NOT to do is unbeatable.



15. When they go to horse shows they are so busy worrying about their students that they don’t even feel nervous about their own rides.



16. Speaking of horse shows with students… It’s cool only having to warm your horse up for 2 minutes because your student’s ride time nearly overlapped with your own and priorities right.



17. But at the end of the day, you REALLY are living the dream so what does money even matter!



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