Friday’s Five – Horsey charities you should consider supporting



Friday’s Five – Horsey charities you should consider supporting

Charities do heaps of good work for our world. Many horsey charities in the world are making a difference for horses, riders, and people that need some extra help in life. You don’t even have to donate money to make a positive impact on the horse world. If you are in the philanthropic mood here are some worthy charities and ways you can support the horse world…

1) Brooke action for working horses and donkeys: Brooke is an international animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules and the people who depend on them. Their work reaches over 2 million working horses, donkeys and mules across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Their staff include vets, animal welfare experts, and advocacy and development specialists. Their work involves helping equines directly, teaching owners and local vets, and work with governments to put in place policies that lead to improved animal welfare. You can support this organization by donating money, purchasing some of their cool apparel or by hosting a fundraiser.

2) CanTRA – Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association: The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) is a registered charity that promotes challenge, achievement and empowerment for children and adults with disabilities through the use of horses. There are now 80 plus member centres across Canada providing high quality therapeutic, recreation, life skills and sports programs. CanTRA is a member of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI) and is recognized as the only governing body for therapeutic riding Canada. Show your support to this incredible organization by becoming a CanTRA member, volunteer or by donating money.



3) Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital Colostrum Bank: Colostrum is a sticky, high-protein milk secreted during the first 24 hours following birth and is characterized by a high content of antibodies. These antibodies are a foal’s first line of defense against potential infection. If a foal is unable to nurse, or the mare does not produce adequate colostrum, the foal’s health is in jeopardy. If this is the case, a foal might require supplemental colostrum or a commercial substitute. The Hagyard Pharmacy, LLC assists the Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers’ Club in the operation of a Colostrum Bank, with proceeds benefiting the Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH). Colostrum which is donated by farms and horse owners is tested and then frozen for storage until needed. The colostrum is available to ANYONE who has a foal in need. If you can donate your mare’s colostrum, this is an excellent way to help foals in need.

4) Retired Racehorse Project: The Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) exists to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them in equestrian sports and serving the farms, trainers, and organizations that transition them. Eventing and Thoroughbreds go together like saddle pads and saddles. By donating to this organization, you are helping Thoroughbreds across the United States find successful careers and homes after their racing days are over. Show your support to the RRP by donating money, buying their apparel, becoming a sponsor or a member of the RRP.

5) Volunteer at local events: Horse shows require numerous volunteers to run successfully and smoothly. You don’t have to have any extra money to donate your time at local events and make a difference in your riding community. Volunteering at events is also an excellent and fun way to learn more about our sport.

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