Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Lightning fast tack cleaning

Yank those stirrups off.



Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Lightning fast tack cleaning

Your average equestrian spends more time grooming horses than riding them. Over the years we all learn new, exciting and revolutionary grooming tips and tactics. Check back regularly for more grooming tips as we are on the hunt for the best. 

If you have been to a horse show you have probably forgotten to clean a piece of tack. Or perhaps something happened that got your recently spotless saddle on the dirty side. In this situation, you don’t have time to get out a bucket with water, a sponge, saddle soap and conditioner to do a thorough cleaning. Fear not though, I have discovered a foolproof and ridiculously quick way to clean tack. Just wipe off the dirt and grime with convenient Lexol Leather Cleaner Quick Wipes and then make your tack shine with a swipe or two with the Lexol Leather Conditioner Quick Wipe. Voila! Your tack will look absolutely perfect. Always make sure you have these two types of wipes in your horse trailer or tack trunk and you will have it made.

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