Your quick guide to the 2018 Luhmühlen CCI4* competition field – Sponsored by Back on Track

Photo via Turniergesellschaft Luhmühlen Facebook page.


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Your quick guide to the 2018 Luhmühlen CCI4* competition field – Sponsored by Back on Track

Today, the 2018 Luhmühlen CCI4* is kicking off with the first horse inspection. There are 53 pairs competing at this prestigious CCI4*. There are 50 different riders in the field from 14 different nations.

Dressage begins tomorrow and finishes up on Friday, followed by what eventers love most, cross-country on Saturday and the event concludes on Sunday with show jumping.

While you impatiently wait for the action to begin tomorrow, check out these fascinating facts and stats about this year’s competition field:


Battle of the sexes:

  • This year’s field is comprised of 29 women (55%) and 24 men (45%).
  • The 41 geldings (77%) at this event heavily outnumber the 12 mares (23%).
  • The last time Luhmühlen was won by a mare was in 2015 when FRH Escada JS was piloted to the victory by Ingrid Klimke (GER).
  • No stallions are competing at Luhmühlen.
Ingrid Klimke and FRH Escada JS winning the 2015 Luhmühlen (GER) CCI4*.(Hanna Broms/FEI)

Ingrid Klimke and FRH Escada JS winning the 2015 Luhmühlen (GER) CCI4*.(Hanna Broms/FEI)


Rookies galore:
There are an impressive nine CCI4* rookie riders tackling the Luhmühlen CCI4* this year:

  • Chloe Raty (BEL) riding Axel Z
  • Paulina Swindells (FIN) riding Ferro S
  • Katie Preston (GBR) riding Templar Justice
  • Rachel Robinson (GBR) riding MJI Limmerick Bell
  • Arianna Guidarelli (ITA) riding EH Seabisquit
  • Anna Freskgard (SWE) riding Fly Away v/d N. Ranch
  • Felix Etzel (GER) riding Bandit 436
  • Jorg Kurbel (GER) riding Josera’s Enterntain You
  • Falk-Filip-Finn Westerich (GER) riding FBW Gina K

Meanwhile, there are 30 horses in the field that have never completed a CCI4*.

Interestingly there are no rookie riders on horses with prior four-star experience.

How old are the Luhmühlen riders?
The average age of the eventers competing at Luhmühlen this weekend is 38. In contrast, at Badminton, this year is the average age was 37 and at Kentucky, the average competitor age was 39. This puts Luhmühlen right in the middle.

At only 22-years-old Cathal Daniels (IRL) is the youngest rider competing. This will be his third CCI4* with Rioghan Rua, an 11-year-old ISH mare.

At an impressive 55-years-young, Blyth Tait (NZL) is the most senior rider in the field. He is piloting Havanna, an 11-year-old BWP mare around her first CCI4*.

How old are the Luhmühlen horses?
The average age of the horses is 13-years-old.

The oldest horse competing this weekend is Xam, a 17-year-old SHBGB mare, ridden by Harry Dzenis (GBR). This horse has five CCI4* completions under her girth.

The youngest horses at Luhmühlen are 10-years-old, and there are six in the field:

  • Josera’s Enterntain You ridden by Jorg Kurbel (GER)
  • Deniro Z ridden by Liz Halliday-Sharp (USA)
  • Fly Away v/d N. Ranch ridden by Anna Freskgard (SWE)
  • Fernhill Tabasco ridden by Emma McNab (AUS)
  • Mr. Bass ridden by Laura Collett (GBR)
  • Bandit 436 ridden by Felix Etzel (GER)

Past Luhmühlen CCI4* champions:.
There are no horses competing this weekend who have won this event in the past. The only rider in the field who holds any Luhmühlen titles is Andreas Dibowski (GER) – 2011 and 2016 winner.

Four-star horse mileage:
The horses in the field have completed an average of 1 CCI4* events. At this year’s Badminton, the horses had completed an average of 3 CCI4* events.

Harry Dzenis’ (GBR) Xam has the most CCI4* completions on her record, totaling five.

Irish Sport Horses dominate the field:
There is a total of 17 Irish Sport Horses (32% of the entries) in the field this weekend. The next most popular breed is KWPN with nine (17% of the entries) set to compete.


Stay tuned for more Luhmühlen updates as the action starts to heat up tomorrow…

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