Wednesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay



Wednesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor:
Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


Events in North America this weekend:

United States:
Larkin Hill H.T. (NY) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]
Seneca Valley Pony Club Spring H.T. (MD) [Omnibus] [Website]
Bucks County Horse Park H.T. (PA) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]
Full Gallop Farm June H.T. (SC) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]
Silverwood Farm Spring H.T. (WI) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]
Golden Spike H.T. (UT) [Omnibus] [Website] [Results]

Caledon H.T. (ON) [Omnibus] [Website]

FEI events around the world:

Luhmuhlen CCI4* [Website] [Entries]


Worldwide bits and bites


Exercises for Tiny Riders and Big Strong Horses to Try Horses, like riders, come in all shapes and sizes. These exercises focus on strengthening the smaller riders who are matched with big mounts.


Study: In Horse Breeding, Equine Opposites Attract – The Horse A mare’s attraction to a stallion—specifically, to his body odors, or “MHC”—affects pregnancy success rates. And, researchers found, mares appear to prefer stallions with MHCs that differ from their own.

United Kingdom:

The most bizarre bridle at Bramham: H&H clears up the mystery Why would you ride with a set of reins attached to the cheekpiece? Find out what was going on with Michael Jackson’s bridle at Bramham.


United States:

It’s All in the Genes: Horse Traits and Heritability – The Horse Scientists are continuing to uncover which genes are responsible for certain traits in horses.
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