Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons selling horses is SUPER easy and stress-free



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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons selling horses is SUPER easy and stress-free

10. When horses go lame, you can obviously get a huge amount of insurance money.

9. Buyers never try your horse 19 times and then tell you that it is out of their budget.

8. It is a risk-free profession with no chance of breaking a limb (cough).

7. Buyers frequently get into bidding wars, so you end up making a mint.

6. You are never inconvenienced by buyers wanting to try out horses on short notice or at ridiculous times.


5. Sales vettings always end up getting you more money because your horses vet freakishly perfectly.

4. Once you make the sale and add up all your expenses like farrier bills, show fees, hay and grain your profit margins are so high that you could retire sooner than most. But you won’t because you love it.

3. You never fear for your horse’s well-being when a rider who has just learned to canter wants to jump your horse over some Preliminary cross-country jumps.

2. It’s so much fun working with the buyer’s trainer who wants an absurd commission from the sale.

1. You never have to worry about a horse not selling and not being able to pay your bills.

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