My weekend SUCKED and this is how I got over myself – Did you have a bad weekend too?



My weekend SUCKED and this is how I got over myself – Did you have a bad weekend too?

On Mondays, your social media is often filled with cute statuses about how your fellow equestrians’ weekends went and of course, ribbon photos. Yes, the classic ribbon on a horse’s bridle photos with someone holding it smiling like a Cheshire cat. One quick scroll down any social media platform and you will see way too many of these victorious little photos with joyous captions. Which is fine, I am happy for everyone, really. But my weekend just plain SUCKED and it took a great deal of effort for me to get over myself so I could have a productive week. I know I am not the only rider who had a plain horrendous weekend and mine was probably far from the worst. But it still sucked and it stung like a bitch. Let me tell you about it…

Exactly a week from today, I embarked on the journey to Bromont, Quebec to compete at the MARS Incorporated Bromont CCI Three Day Event. I had one horse entered in the CCI2*. I have been preparing for this event since January. My horse was fit as a whippet, shiny as a polished diamond ring and ready to rock. The first jog went fabulously on Wednesday, I wore some daring heels and managed not to embarrass myself and my horse trotted down the jog strip mannerly and soundly. Dressage went better than even I was hoping for and we kicked things off in 8th place out of a field of over 30 pairs. Sweet!

I walked my cross-country course a maniacal amount of times because I have gotten lost before and I did not want something silly ruining my weekend. Yea, well at least it was good exercise. Finally, cross-country day rolled around and everything was going perfectly to plan. My warm-up felt bang on and my horse headed out of the startbox feeling ready to tackle Badminton… Or so I thought. The first water complex caught up a lot of solid pairs but my mighty steed charged on through it without batting an eye. Then just three jumps later at the coffin my horse jumped in with ease over the rails, popped over the ditch, took three strides to the corner and then he darted out like a scalded cat. I almost rolled off. Almost. Good thing I stayed on because my other two attempts at jumping the corner resulted in a big fat ELIMINATION anyways. Why did my horse not jump the corner? Beats me. It was small, inviting and he has hopped over hundreds of corners before. I am still scratching my head and going back to the drawing board figuring out where I can school sizeable corners on a regular basis. Usually, after events, I have regrets about something but I have no regrets and that is even more frustrating.

Now, of course, I had to get eliminated in the furthest part of the course from the barns. I had a lovely walk of shame back to the cool out area to get my horse cleared by the vets. I didn’t even dismount, they took one look at my raging fit horse who only ran for two-minutes and gave me the okay. I managed to keep smiling through this long humiliating walk, my mom always has said, “never let them see you cry.” Once I got back to the barns I untacked, hosed my horse down and put him in a stall. Then I went to my horse trailer in the parking lot, crawled in it and had a proper meltdown. Saddle pads were thrown. Tack trunks were kicked. Tears were shed. I emerged from the trailer after a little while with a fake smile on and proceeded to pack up everything at high speed. I didn’t want to wait around at the event till morning to drive home. I was out of there. My elimination happened at around 2:00 PM and I was on the road by 4:00 PM. The drive was a long and gloomy eight-hours but it was better than sitting around at the event and having people ask me what happened.

Sunday morning I woke up in my own bed feeling like a bag of dirt. But I dragged my arse out of bed and went to the barn to do chores and ride my other two horses who had nearly a week off. They surprisingly behaved, they must’ve sensed my nearness to a mental breakdown. I was done at the barn by 11:00 AM and then I was done horsing around for the day. I hung out with some non-horsey friends, hit some golf balls, drank some adult beverages, and just relaxed. It was a great reminder that although Eventing is my life there is still a lot of fun things in the world and an Elimination at a CCI2* does not mean the end of days.

Weekends that suck need to be heard about too. Share yours!!
So in honour of the riders who had weekends they want to forget, we are starting a new series.

Email me your story about your disappointing weekend, tell us how you dealt with it and we will publish it because misery loves company and we will send you the Shop ATTITUDE T-Shirt of your choice pictured below.

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