Friday’s Five – Games that will make equestrian road trips a blast



Friday’s Five – Games that will make equestrian road trips a blast

Riders and their support crew go on notoriously long road trips with their horses in tow, almost year round. You have probably been through the stages of a boring road trip:

1) Everyone is excited and talking about his or her goals for the upcoming competition.

2) No one has anything left to say so someone plugs in their iPod, this turns into a truck dance party?

3) Too tired for a dance party, staring out the window in total silence

4) Are we there yet?

5) No one makes sense; passengers are just saying random things to keep the driver awake.

6) Thank the horse gods we are finally here!


To avoid enduring the sad stages of being on a boring road trip here are some games you can play in your truck on the next long trek:

1. Anglo Arab to Zenyatta – Passengers in the car take turns saying a horse-themed word for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. To increase the difficulty, you can make the theme more specific such as famous eventer’s names. You can even have a contest by timing each passenger, to see how fast he or she can rhyme off the alphabet in this fashion.

2. Icelandic horse – This one is for a cold day and you’re going to want to make sure you are comfortable with everyone in your truck for this one… When everyone needs to wake up at a rest stop, all passengers strip down to their underwear before getting back into the vehicle. Roll the windows down, open the sunroof and blast the air conditioning. First person to start putting their clothes back on loses. It is advisable for the driver to not participate because driving and dressing is not safe.

3. Guess that RIDER (or something else) – Play this game between two passengers at a time. One person thinks of a famous rider or rider that they both know and the other person asks 10 questions before guessing who the rider is. Pro tip: some good questions to ask are “Do I know them personally?”, “What level have they competed at?”, “What country are they from?”, “Are they male or female?”. Bonus idea: You can also add variety to the game by making the guesses event names, horses, pieces of tack, etc.



4. What’s yours like? – This game gets funny really fast. Everyone, but the person in the hot seat knows what the word is (write it down and pass it around). Example: The word is ‘Air vest’. Then everyone has to describe what theirs is like without saying the word, “Mine triples in size in .2 seconds”, “It’s my favourite form of protection”, “I have a large black one”. The player in the hot seat has to guess the word.

5. Would you rather – This is a game you may have played before, but have you kept the theme horsey? Ask one another questions like, “Would you rather ride a ditchy horse around Burghley or have to ride your own horse cross-country in a bitless bridle?” There are no winners or losers in this game. It is perfect if there are multiple highly competitive people in the truck and you want to keep things civilized and just have a fun conversation.

For the games that have winners and losers, be sure there are prizes up for grabs so people get competitive. Winners do not have to braid their own horses and the losers are doing some extra braiding. Get creative with the prizes and have a fun, safe drive.

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