Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Your new secret shining/cleaning weapon



Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Your new secret shining/cleaning weapon

Your average equestrian spends more time grooming horses than riding them. Over the years we all learn new, exciting and revolutionary grooming tips and tactics. Check back regularly for more grooming tips as we are on the hunt for the best. 

I JUST discovered a new must-have grooming item. It was a bit of a chance discovery. I am currently competing at the Mars Incorporated Bromont CCI Three-Day Event and I forgot to pack my usual ratty towels and rags to shine my horse and tack. However, for some strange reason, I had a package of microfiber towels that were meant for house cleaning in my horse trailer. Desperate times call for desperate measures so I cracked open this package of towels and went to town shining my horse and tack. And WOW was I impressed. Microfiber towels are not only superior for house cleaning work they also work wonders on horses and tack. They remove every speck of dust and dirt and leave things absolutely gleaming. So go and pick yourself up several packages of microfiber towels and keep them in your grooming kit at all times. You’re welcome.

Click on this photo to order your microfiber towels right now!

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