Friday’s Five – Ways to give back to equestrian sports



Friday’s Five – Ways to back to equestrian sports

As an equestrian, it is important that you give back to your sport. You don’t need to have heaps of money or even time to make a big difference. If everyone put in some effort to do a few of these things it would make a huge positive impact on our sport:

1) Volunteer as much as possible this show season. Horse shows rely heavily on volunteers. If you have ever competed at a show, you have reaped the benefits of volunteers. Give back by being a volunteer yourself this season. It will be a fun and educational experience for you. Read the guide below on volunteering to help you get started.


2) Offer to bring people to the barn. Some so many people have never even had the opportunity to pet a horse. If you are ever talking to non-horsey people outside of the barn and they seem interested in horses, suggest they tag along with you to the barn one day. It is in your best interest to create more equestrian sports fans, and this is an awesome way to do just that.

3) Join your local horse club or association. Horse clubs and associations only operate thanks to volunteers, and they provide invaluable services such as horse shows, clinics, etc. There are a variety of ways to get involved including leadership, fundraising and helping with events. Ask around your area and find out which associations you can become a part of. This is also a great way to make connections in your local horse community, which, is especially beneficial if you are a professional.



4) Watch every equestrian event live stream that you have time for. Major events are only able to run because of sponsors who pay large sums of money in exchange for being associated with events. The more people who watch these events, the more likely companies will sponsor or continue to sponsor them. You may think that your viewership won’t make a difference but it does, and you need to show your support. Plus, watching the best riders in the world is also an excellent way for you to learn a thing or two. So, instead of watching Netflix on the weekends make sure you tune into any horsey live streams first.

5) Donate your old riding clothing and horsey equipment. Most riders have tack and clothing that they are never using again and will never get around to selling. Gather up this clutter and take it to the barn or a show and put a “for free” sign on it. Riders new to the sport, riders with limited budgets and working students will be so happy to get some gear that they cannot afford. Be a giver, not a hoarder!

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