Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Salvage a disgusting tail minutes before show time


Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Salvage a disgusting tail minutes before show time

Your average equestrian spends more time grooming horses than riding them. Over the years we all learn new, exciting and revolutionary grooming tips and tactics. Check back regularly for more grooming tips as we are on the hunt for the best. 

Pooping in their own tails is some horses’ special ability. On a show morning, this grooming nightmare is enough to make you want to toss your cookies and skip the competition altogether rather than deal with it. Obviously hosing it out is the best solution but if you trailer to a show and have a limited amount of time until you are in the ring this option is out because you cannot show with a sopping wet tail.

At this point, your best option is to grab a massive towel and wipe the tail out. Feel free to spray in lots of detangler (I prefer the classic Show Sheen) to help cope with the smell and deal with any knots. After you wipe out the bulk of it, stand back and wield a rough body brush with one hand and a hairbrush in the other to brush it out. Just keep brushing until it is tangle free and clean.

If your horse’s tail is white, spray in some stain remover and grab a clean towel to wipe it out then dust in a copious amount of baby powder.

Prevention Tip – Buy a tail bag and use it. Trust me, this situation is horror movie material.

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