Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Outshine your competitors

Shine for days.

Simple but game-changing grooming tip: Outshine your competitors

Your average equestrian spends more time grooming horses than riding them. Over the years we all learn new, exciting and revolutionary grooming tips and tactics. Check back regularly for more grooming tips as we are on the hunt for the best. 

There is nothing quite as glorious as riding into the competition ring on the shiniest horse at the show. You will love hearing people ask you, “How did you get your horse so shiny?!” and you can either share your secrets or keep them to yourself. But if you want to be a proud rider with a gleaming horse, you need to do three important things:

1) Curry that beast like it’s your duty in life: There is no substitute for good old elbow grease if you want your horse to have a beautiful coat. A daily full-body currying will remove loose hair, dead skin and bring out your horse’s natural oils. It might seem like a pain but you will not only have a horse with an unreal natural glow but you will also have stronger arms. So get currying!

2) Add some oil in your horse’s diet: I feed my horses a 1/4 Cup of Rice Bran oil a day in their feed and it makes them so shiny they practically sparkle. You can also feed corn, soy or flaxseed oil. Adding a bit of oil into your horse’s feed isn’t costly and it will definitely make a big difference in your horse’s coat.

3) The secret weapon – Silverado Shine Aerosol: If you follow the advice above your horse will have a naturally radiant coat but dust can keep it from looking its best. Don’t let that dust dull keep your horse’ coat from shining bright like a diamond. Simply spray this incredible stuff on your horse’s coat then wipe it with a towel or rag. Your horse will transform from a little drab to so shiny you might blind your competitors in warm-up.

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