Monday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay


Monday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor:
Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


Events in North America this weekend:

Copper Meadows Winter H.T. (CA) [Scores]
Pine Top Spring H.T. (GA) [Scores]
Ocala Winter II Presented by Ocala Ranches (FL) [Scores]
MeadowCreek Park – The Spring Social Event (TX) [Scores]
Stable View Spring H.T. (SC) [Scores]

Worldwide bits and bites


Blanket rule: Light cotton rugs are no match for good shade on a hot day, study finds – The use of a light-coloured cotton rug on horses was found to increase rectal temperature and sweat production.


3 Lessons from Dressage Master Carl Hester for Every Rider Three fundamental take-home lessons for every rider.Three fundamental take-home lessons to improve the halt, corners and stride adjustability, from dressage master Carl Hester, that every rider should know.



Can We Predict Foals’ Future Personalities? It’s Possible – The Horse Foals’ initial expressions of their developing personalities are clear signs of the horse’s adult personality–and even learning capacity-to come, researchers found.

United Kingdom:

Microchipping for all horses under British passport plan – National Equine Forum told “The horse is central to our fabric of society, and we are working to ensure it is safeguarded”.

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