Horseshoe art that will make you start hoarding old shoes

Photo via @lovehorseshoes on Instagram.

Eastern Hay 770x170-March


Horseshoe art that will make you start hoarding old shoes

Horseshoes – Something that every horse owner spends hundreds to thousands of dollars on a year. Farrier bills are never small but as the saying goes, ‘no hoof, no horse,” so riders are content to dish out huge sums of money on their horses’ routine pedicures. Typically your horse will need new shoes every several months, once their old ones wear out. You probably just chuck the old shoes in the trash but you might want to reconsider this. Horseshoes can be repurposed into beautiful and practical works of art with some welding skills. After scrolling to the bottom of this page, you’ll be reading Welding For Dummies and scavenging for old horseshoes…


Ideal for after a long day of riding.






Because you can never have too many hooks.

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Every equestrian with a fireplace needs this.


Horse people love their wine!



Keep all your barn boots in order.


Super adorable.

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Make your office more horsey.


The perfect table does exist.


Saint Patrick’s day fun.


For riders who like to cook.

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