Find out how equestrians answered these insanely difficult “Would you rather” questions

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Find out how equestrians answered these insanely difficult “Would you rather” questions

Last week, riders from around the equestrian world played a game of “Would you rather“. The questions we asked made riders choose between some extremely tough choices. Everyone has different opinions on what is important to them. Most of the questions had some very evenly divided answers and only a few had an overwhelming top answer. Check out the results below to find out what equestrians really would rather do/have…

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Would you rather have every rail down in show jumping or get bucked off in a dressage test?


Would you rather waste $10 on an inedible horse show hamburger or $15 on a horse show bag of shavings you can use?


Would you rather show up to a lesson with George Morris wearing a tank top or have the butt of your breeches split open in show jumping round?


Would you rather end up in an outhouse without toilet paper or one that is equipped but rancid?


Would you rather ride in a super slippery grass arena with no studs or ride with slippery reins and no gloves?

Would you rather ride a horse that always and only spooks at other horses or one that randomly spook at everything?


Would you rather ride with bruised ribs or a bruised tailbone?


Would you rather arrive at a show and realize you forgot your riding boots or saddle?


Would you rather own a horse that costs a fortune to maintain and wins everything or a low maintenance horse that is always at the bottom of the leaderboard?


Would you rather slip off the ramp into the manure pile or step in dog poo?


Would you rather stack 100 bales of hay on your own or have to clip 10 horses in a row?

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