18 things equestrians should focus on in 2018 – Sponsored by Back on Track

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18 things equestrians should focus on in 2018 – Sponsored by Back on Track

We are nearly a full month into 2017 and it is time to put some things in place to make this the best year of your riding career thus far. By simply focusing on these 17 straightforward things throughout this year, you will set yourself up for oodles of success. So what are you waiting for? Here is an easy checklist to get the ball rolling for a great year:

1) Train your horse how to stand politely at the mounting block: Horses that don’t stand obediently at the mounting block are annoying and can even be dangerous. Spend a little time each ride to ensure your horse stands like a saint by following this advice.

2) Ride more accurately: Even the smallest inaccuracies in your riding will cost you dressage marks, rails and run outs. Use this straightforward guide to put you on the path towards becoming the master of accuracy.

3) Incorporate pole work into your weekly training: Many riders underestimate the importance of regular pole work; don’t be one of them. Schooling your horse over a variety of poles will make it more rideable and sharpen your eye for distances. Follow this advice to start including pole work into your horse’s training regime.

4) Save gas money: The more money you save on gas, the more you will have to spend on horses. You need these fuel-saving tips in your life.

5) Quit all of your career-hindering tendencies: By dropping some riding and business hindering habits you will put yourself on a more promising path. Start working towards quitting these things pronto.

6) Work on your jog up skills for horse inspections: If you plan on competing at a CIC, CCI or long format three-day event you are going to have to jog up your horse in front of the Ground Jury. Do not arrive at the horse inspection like a doe in the headlights. Brush up on your jog up skills with this guide.

7) Modernize your riding wardrobe: You deserve to ride in the best riding apparel. Follow the ‘Friday’s Fashion’ series to keep yourself up to speed on the latest and greatest riding clothing on the market and ride in style this year.

8) Braid your horse’s mane more efficiently: Don’t waste your precious time on braids that take forever and don’t even look that great. This foolproof guide will teach you how to give your horse’s mane a professional looking braid job in a flash.

9) Find the humour in everything: If you’re too serious, this sport will drive you mad. “Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.” Start tuning into our ‘Tuesday’s Top 10’ lists for a weekly laugh about all things in the horse world.

10) Give back to our sport by volunteering at events: Volunteers make the Eventing world go round. Dedicate a bit of time this year to give back to our sport. These event volunteer jobs are perfect for riders who also want to learn a thing or two that will help with their riding.

11) Up your training out of the saddle: If you want to be a top rider you are going to have work on your training off of the horse. Start working on these exercises to immediately to boost your performance in the saddle.

12) Never act like a spoiled brat at horse shows: Nobody likes a horse show brat, so don’t be one. Read this article to make sure that you are not guilty of being a brat and if you are, then it’s time to overhaul your attitude.

13) Keep up with the latest news in the horse world: Make a habit of starting off your mornings with TODAY’S SCOOP, your source for all of the latest news in the horse world. By following the current news regularly you will transform yourself into a significantly more knowledgeable and well-informed horse person.

14) Perfect your equitation: Riding with flawless equitation will make you a more effective rider and your horse show photos will look a million times better. Begin your quest towards perfect eq by following this guide.

15) Treat your clients better: You wouldn’t have a business at all without your clients. By treating your clients like gold, you will help your business flourish. Here are some excellent tips on how you can make sure your clients feel appreciated.

16) Unclutter your riding life by getting rid of things you no longer use: Don’t be a hoarder. Follow these instructions on how to unclutter your tack room, horse trailer, basement, etc. of all the horsey things you no longer use. It will make you feel much more organized and content.

17) Ride with the right coach for you: Not every coach is suited for every rider. You might have an excellent coach but perhaps he/she just isn’t suited to your riding goals or personality. If you want to excel in this tough sport you need to be with the coach who is right for you. Follow this advice to ensure you are with the right coach this year.

18) Remember these six things when you are feeling down: When nothing seems to be going to plan, keep your chin up and remember these six things. Trust me, it will cheer you up and motivate you to keep kicking on!

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